The Cuddlers is a volunteer-based movement to cuddle and comfort hospitalized infants and children

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If You Have Ever Wondered Why There Are Children Alone in Their Hospital Rooms.


Study proves that cuddling babies early(and ofter) has huge benefits


If you have ever wondered why there are children alone in their hospital rooms.


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Danialle Karmanos and The Cuddlers Provide Warmth During COVID Isolation

What if I ask how can I help? That’s the question that Danialle Karmanos asked herself a few weeks ago when the COVID-19 pandemic began to sweep through southeast Michigan.

Volunteer cuddlers

help families

A local hospital is kicking off a new program that uses volunteer cuddlers to help families in need. Story from Click on Detroit by Paula Tutman

The Cuddlers offer babies healing power

of touch

"...they noticed how many babies, for so many reasons, were alone..." Story from by Chuck Bennet

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